Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wanna Be On Top? (Cycle 2 Spoiler)

The end of cycle 1 is the beginning of cycle 2.
Sign ups will open soon.
postscript: I'm just advertising cycle 2 in this post. I'm not yet ending cycle 1, there will be more challenges for it. :)


  1. the 4th challenge is the last one for cycle 1?

  2. nope, not yet.
    There will be more challenges for cycle 1, I just wanna promote cycle 2. hehe

  3. okay. thanks :)

    how many girls will be eliminated at challenge 4?

  4. The number of the ones that will be eliminated is based on the votes so there can be more than 1 who is going to be out :)

  5. Puuh! Cycle 2... Wow the time goes past so fast! xD
    The spoiler is really pretty! I like it. :)
    Oh I can't wait to see who will win.. definitly not me, because the others are better than me. ^.^