Friday, January 14, 2011

3rd Challenge: Dress to Impress

The 3rd challenge is about style.
I took screenshots of the contestants, with their outfits, without them knowing.
Here they are:

(Click the photo to view it on a larger size)

A top role model always looks good, even in time of desperation :)

And now for the viewers.
Vote for the one who has the best outfit, in your opinion:



  1. Voting ends next saturday.
    On that day, 6 girls will be eliminated

  2. you mean that the voting will last like a week ? :P

  3. @mako yes, it will last for a week.... cuz I have exams this week so I won't be able to log on that much :/

  4. Oh my gosh my outfit is so normal... so ordinary, if I knew this I would have dressed up properly. Except the trousers, they lokk... cool, crazy, casual, me! And I stand for my style, and my friends too. Otherwhise they wouldn't have votet me until now. ^^

    @Stacy: This round 6 will be elimintatet. Then the big final show will come, right? Or will there be more challenges?
    I'm so excited and i hope i will win. Good luck for everyone!

  5. @Rafael there will be more challenges. The bi finale will happen when only 2 of you remain.

  6. It's not okay xD i wasn't dressed for something like this!!

  7. Abbieh is asking for votes. Can she do that?

  8. @Bruno Yes, they can ask people to vote for them.
    @Iovanca no one's ready for this.... and that what makes it cool!:)

  9. my picture is awful!I know I'm not going to be one of the finalists!I am the only non-superstar left!It doesn't really matter!I would like to say good luck to everyone!xDI couldn't expect for my self to be in the 3rd challenge!