Friday, December 31, 2010

1st Challenge: The Natural Look

Welcome to the 1st ever challenge!
This challenge is all about looking natural, which means the finalists will be photographed without make up or any accessories at all.
The reason why I did this as the 1st challenge, because people nowadays are choosing the ones who they believe in..... according to the appearance! (it's sad but it's the truth)
So if you want to be a TOP role model in stardoll, and if you want people to listen and believe in you, YOU SHOULD LOOK GOOD.
Lets start! (click the photos to view in larger size)















That's how they look like without make up! They still look good! no doubt they're really role models! and now i'm going to need the viewers' participation! Vote for the one who rocks the "natural" look.

Voting is now closed. The results will be posted.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Final 14 Girls

Yep, that's right! There are 14 girls who made it on the 1st cycle of this competition (the list is randomly arrange and not according to performance) and here are their usernames, real names, age and their quotes that made them stand out among the rest :

1. Princessvx - Vicky - 12 years old
"I want the best for all people especially my friends"

2. Makomakoshka - Mako - 15 y.o.
"I have been on this website long enough and I want to show people the real me"

3. Supperstarvanni - Vanessa - 13 y.o.
"I want to show people how enthusiastic I am in Stardoll, and what fashion really means"

4. redlipsmagazine - Agnes - 15 y.o.
"It doesn't really matter what you're wearing, it matters the WAY you wear it"

5. TessHelloKitty - Tessa - 13 y.o.
"My dreams really mean a lot to me and i'm looking forward to make them come true"

6. Tyty6789 - Alexiis - 17 y.o.
"What makes me stand out in a crowd of models is my fun, bubbly and happy spirit"

7. TinkerTayzbell - Taylah - 13 y.o.
"You don't need to be 'popular' or in the latest trends, to be called 'cool'"

8. Rafi101 - Rafael - 14 y.o.
"I have so many great ideas and I think I am special......I am UNIQUE"

9. Kitypink11 - Laura - 13 y.o.
"I always wanted to help people to achieve their dreams"

10. Iovanca - Iona - 15 y.o.
"I believe that by being myself, I can be the best!"

11. AbiiBabeh..x - Abbie - 13 y.o.
"I've worked with some of stardoll's top elites and I haven't been bitchy!"

12. Liajm - Lia - 16 y.o.
"Being a role model isn't just having people look up to you, it's helping them become like you"

13. xxcaoimhezoexx - Caoimhe - 12 y.o.
"I love inspiring others and have never dropped out of a cycle"

14. Karv2 - Alexandra - 13 y.o.
"I am generous and I LOVE big challenges like this"

The reason why I chose 14 girls is because, I saw potential in all of you and I thought having 13 girls in the competition isn't enough, so I added 1.

For those of you who auditioned and didn't get in, i'm really sorry, but you're not going to be sad at all! You will be happy because you will become a judge for this cycle!
every challenge a poll application will be posted and you can vote for the best girl! plus! there's going to be a cycle 2!

I had a hard time choosing these 14 people because all of you are role models.....

Tomorrow, the 1t challenge of these finalists will be posted, don't miss it!

Advanced New Year Present ;)

Hello, Role Models.....
All of you know that the year 2011 is near, and the 1st day on that year is when I will announce the Top 13 girls, who will battle for Stardoll's Next Top Role Model. Well, i'm revising that theory!
You won't need to wait for 2011, all you have to do is sleep.....
Because tommorrow, Dec. 31 2010, the names of the lucky girls will be announced right here!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SNTRM Official Stardoll Club!

The official Stardoll's Next Top Role Model club in stardoll is now open! Click HERE to go there and join.
The club will give you updates and news about this cycle and the upcoming cycles.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hey role models.....
I am so happy for all of your responses to this competition, and to thank you for that, I will give you updates about SNTRM!

More than 30 girls wrote a sign up form so far, WOW! that's a lot. To start the competition I will choose the final 13 girls that will battle for the throne of Stardoll's Next Top Role Model. The girls will be chosen on  January 1, 2011! ON NEW YEAR"S day! be sure to write a sign up form if you want to be chosen!

Let's talk about the judges....
The judges of this competition will be THE VIEWERS!
After every challenge I will let people to vote for their favorite girls. They can vote through a poll application.

Let's Talk about the prizes!
The winner will be crowned as the 1st ever Stardoll's Next Top Role Model!
but, that's not all she will also have a feature and an interview for two of the most read stardoll blogs - Inbetween Stardoll and Medoll Memoires!
The winner will also have a modelling contract for the amazing stardoll magazine - Forever Chic Magazine!
She will also be in the SNTRM front page and will be a judge for cycle 2!
Winning this competition will open the doors for the career you want in stardoll!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wanna be on top? (Sign ups for cycle 1)

CLOSED - the contestants have been chosen and you can't submit a form anymore

Everyone of us needs to be inspired and inspire others.
Everyone is unique and has the ability to make others stronger.
Every one can be a role model, but there can only be 1 TOP role model!
The question is..... Are you stardoll's next top role model?

Stardoll's Next Top Role Model is a stardoll based competition where 13 girls will be chosen to fight for a very important throne!
There will be different tasks every week for these girls, the weak ones will be eliminated one by one until the true top role model is the only one standing!

And today, Dec. 25 2010 i'm opening the official sign up for cycle 1!

Wanna be a part of Cycle 1? then answer these questions in comments:
1.) Stardoll username:
2.) Real name:
3.) Age:
4.) How often do you go online in stardoll?
5.) Any stardoll job experience/feature?
6.) What's your style?
7.) Why do you think you are the TOP role model?

The 13 girls will be chosen.... soon

Stacy Luane a.k.a. GossipGirl4real