Tuesday, February 1, 2011

4th Elimination

Welcome to the 4th elimination of SNTRM cycle 1.

Let's all say goodbye to......

Mr. Rafi101
Thank you for being a part of SNTRM. Please do continue to inspire other people.

4 girls remain, who will be eliminated next?


  1. Thank god I'm not out ;) congrats to all the winners; ) I was nice meeting you rafi:) hope to see you soon :)

  2. Well that's no suprise. I am happy that I came so far. Thanks for everything and thanks to everyone who voted me!
    I wish the final 4 good luck. :)

  3. @Rafael Thank you so much for having a great amount of sportsmanship. You truly are a role model :)

  4. when will the next challenge be posted? :D wonder what it is :D