Friday, January 21, 2011

3rd Elimination: Meet the Final 5

After a week of voting, we're ow down to five girls.
The question is...... who are they?
The five names that i'm going to call represent the ones who are still in the running towards becoming Stardoll's Next Top Role Model.
The ones that I don't call will be eliminated.

The first name that i'm going to call is the girl who got the highest votes among the contestants.
1. TessHellokitty

2. liajm

3. Makomakoshka

4. Rafi101

And the last girl is.....

5. Iovanca

For thos that I did not call, thank you for participating and I wish you all luck for your future career in stardoll.

Here's the poll result:

 The next challenge will be posted next week!
Congratulations to the final 5!


  1. Wow... I can't believe that I am still in the contest. Even if I won't win SNTRM, I am glad that I came so far as the only boy :)
    Thanks a lot, Stacy!! :D

  2. @Rafael you're welcome, you totally deserved your spot

  3. Awwww it doesn't really matter!But it was vey nice to be in the competition as the only non-superstar
    Thank you for everything!Good luck guys..:)

  4. Omg, top 5 ♥
    Congradulations everyone (:

  5. top 5 babee :D xD thanks :))