Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hey role models.....
I am so happy for all of your responses to this competition, and to thank you for that, I will give you updates about SNTRM!

More than 30 girls wrote a sign up form so far, WOW! that's a lot. To start the competition I will choose the final 13 girls that will battle for the throne of Stardoll's Next Top Role Model. The girls will be chosen on  January 1, 2011! ON NEW YEAR"S day! be sure to write a sign up form if you want to be chosen!

Let's talk about the judges....
The judges of this competition will be THE VIEWERS!
After every challenge I will let people to vote for their favorite girls. They can vote through a poll application.

Let's Talk about the prizes!
The winner will be crowned as the 1st ever Stardoll's Next Top Role Model!
but, that's not all she will also have a feature and an interview for two of the most read stardoll blogs - Inbetween Stardoll and Medoll Memoires!
The winner will also have a modelling contract for the amazing stardoll magazine - Forever Chic Magazine!
She will also be in the SNTRM front page and will be a judge for cycle 2!
Winning this competition will open the doors for the career you want in stardoll!


  1. That's so cool :) Good Luck everyone :)

  2. wow that very cool....good luck everyone....I love this

  3. I want to ask, will the tasks consist of scenery competitions?
    Because I feel that those can showcase your talent as a graphic designer, but not of your personality or how you are a role model. I know this competition is different than other modeling competitions.

    Anyway, I'm so excited to start. It sounds really amazing.

  4. The tasks will be unexpected and different. Every task is a surprise so i won't give a clue!

  5. Wow ths is awesome!Good luck to everyone who took part!

  6. Wow I can't wait to see who will be in the contest. But if you say girls.. do you only mean girls or me too? (because i am the only boy who signed up xD)
    And nobody, who is in the contest, is allowed to vote, is that right? i am sooo excited.
    good luck to everyone!

  7. wow! I cant wait to see the line up, good luck everyone, hehe i cant wait :) Goodluck everyone xx

  8. wow everything sounds great! I can't wait to see who gets in (: